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Why Fllay?

She's a bitch. She's a brat. She's spoiled. She's conniving. She's ignorant. She's racist. She's stupid. She's annoying.

I have heard this, and more about Fllay. So why in the world would I make a site about her?! There are many reasons. Even with all her faults, I just can't bring myself to hate her. She is just human, a scared young girl, with no family left and thrown into the middle of a raging war. I admit that the first time I watched Mobile Suit Gundam Seed I really didn't like her. I didn't even start to like her until about a week after I had finished the entire series. Also, thanks to the second series, Mobile Suit Gundam Destiny, some of the characters in that show made me decide that Fllay is not that bad.

Fllay's just a scared child with a woman's body. The loss of her father, her only family member left, caused a traumatic emotional impact. The feeling of being alone, the feeling of being felt sorry for, great fear and depression, not understanding anything that is going on, it's enough to make anyone snap and think crazily. Fllay's way of coping with this just happens to be one of the worst. She knows she can't do anything, that she is helpless and most likely just in the way. So she does what she can to try and hurt others around her, manipulating people, so she can feel needed and important. Playing with a certain young man's feelings, Kira Yamato's, who is in an easily manipulative state as he is trying to cope with his own battles.

Yes, she's a brat, but she learns and grows throughout the series. Soon she learns that she really does care for Kira. That at first she didn't, she just wanted to hurt him for revenge or just so she could have a place to vent her anger out, but in reality Kira was so kind and good to her that she couldn't help but really falling in love with him. It's just to bad that by the time she realizes all this and gets the courage to face it, her life gets cut short and she can't apologies and make amends.

To me, Fllay is one character that does what any normal and real human being would do. How many people can go through great tragedies of war and not come out scared or messed up in the head, especially if it was just a young 15-year-old girl?

Fllay my not have been one of my most favorite characters at first, but in time she turned out to be one of my top favorites of the series and one of the most beloved. She deserves a shrine dedicated to her, and that is exactly what I'm doing.

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