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Sai Argyle

Fllay might have had a small crush on him to begin with, but it wasn't really anything big enough to last. At the beginning of the series they are talking about how Fllay got a letter from Sai and her friends are trying to goat it out of her on what's it about but she won't tell them.

Later, when she meets up with Sai on the Archangel we find out that they were sort of engaged by their fathers. At first she is clingy and all over Sai, but once her father dies and all she can think about is Kira she starts to ignore him and treat him coldly, telling him that now that her father is gone she doesn't have to abide to the engagement idea

Sai is distressed by this and tries to win her back, but it's a hopeless cause. He even tries to take out the strike, Kira's Gundam, so he can be more like Kira, but fails. When Fllay sees that she cries a bit and calls him an idiot, but she still doesn't go back to him. The last real conversation he ever has with Flay ends up making him really mad at her and Sai hardly ever gets that mad!His reason is because after Kira went MIA she was trying to get back together with him, saying that he must have known that Kira was never the one she wanted and as I said before, he yells at her and tells her that she is wrong, that she does love Kira. She shakes her head back and forth, yelling that it wasn't true, but in reality she is yelling because it is true, she doesn't want to admit it.

They never really have much else happen between the two of them because Fllay get's taken off the Archangel. I think Sai has pretty much given up any sort of relationship with Fllay.

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