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Raww Le Klueze

Meeting him comes as a shock to Fllay when she hears his voice. The reason? Because he sounds just like her father! While trying to find the Archangel she runs into Klueze and instead of him killing her, as they are on opposite sides of the war and she tried to shoot him, he punches her, making her pass out, and takes her along with him.

He plans to use her for a way to 'end the war'. She has no idea what he has in store for her. At times it seems like he might have some humanity in him when it comes to Fllay, but that is merely a farce. She is just a tool to him and a good one since she is the daughter of once an Alliance government official. As for Fllay's feelings about him, she is scared of him but at the same time she feels a sort of comfort in the fact that he sounds just like her father. In the end, he is the cause of her death because he shoots the shuttle she is riding in to try and get back to the archangel.

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