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I really loved this layout. When I first thought about making a Fllay shrine the very idea of making a layout for it was scary. I didn't have any inspiration. I just started to mess around when it all of a sudden hit me and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I love the color purple and so that is one of the reasons why I made this layout that color, but the main reason was because it was first a VERY pink color because of the original image. I didn't like that super bright pink, it hurt my eyes, so I decided to put a purple overlay. It took me a long time before I even thought about changing this layout, but in the end I really needed to because I have decided to spell Fllay with two LLs instead of one.

Wow, I had this layout up for a really long time. It was hard for me to replace it because it turned out so good. I was really proud of it and that doesn't happen with my own stuff very often. The funny thing is that I had no clue what I was doing when I started it just, somehow, I got a stroke of creativity and it just came together. I made this layout because I needed a layout that wasn't frames and was a little cleaner than the first one I had for this shrine and because I decided to change the way I was spelling Fllay's name. The theme of this layout was Hiding From The Truth.

I wanted to show the mature side of Fllay with this layout. This time the theme was Realizing The Truth. The layout itself is nothing grand. I was really happy with the colors and blending in the banner though. Other than that, it was a pretty simple tables with simple CSS. I didn't get inspiration to change the simple look for a good amount of time though and so you got to see this layout for a long time. Yeah, the colors was my favorite part about this layout and the images used.

After all the more emotional layouts I decided to do something that was a lot more light hearted and cute. This theme was called Bittersweet. I used light colors and happy images to get this effect. It was actually a layout I was quiet proud of because it got me to code in ways I have never done before. All good things come to and end and once I decided to stop using tables for my layouts this one had to go. Also, I used a vector thanks to the nice Jessica who let me use it.

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