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Natarle Badgiruel

They have no relationship with each other throughout the entire series even though they are both aboard the archangel, until the very end when both of them aren't on the Archangel!

Like Fllay, Natarle is a little bit naive and un-aware of certain things, meaning her feelings for the Archangel and her job. So when Fllay boards the ship that Natarle is now Captain of and shows that she has changed and desperately wants to get back to the archangel to talk to everyone properly, Natarle takes her emotions and words to heart and uses them to make her final decision in life.

It's when she is ordered to shoot down the Archangel and Fllay screams into the communications telling the Archangel to lookout and move. The 'bad guy' hits her and Natarle then goes against her orders to try and save the archangel.

In the Japanese version, both of these characters are voiced by the same person so that conversation they have between each other almost seems like one person having conflicting words with themself.

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