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Miriallia Haww

Itís obvious that Miriallia doesn't think to much of Fllay. I guess the real reason is because even though they went to the same school, they were in different grades. Miriallia is way to nice to just ignore Fllay or say mean things to her, but you can tell that throughout the show she gets more and more annoyed with her.

I think Miriallia sees Fllay as kind of a spoiled princess, and she is probably right. She is very defensive of her friends so she doesn't like people to talk bad about them or hurt them. She doesn't really see Fllay as a friend and so she will take the side of anyone else.

As for Fllay's opinion on Miriallia, I think she just see's Miriallia as someone who is just there. Finally, at one point Miriallia loses it at Fllay and tells her, in strong words, that she is nothing like her. They are opposites because Fllay hates coordinators so much and wants all of them to die, while Miriallia doesnít think that at all. Plus, she doesn't like the way Fllay treats Kira, one of her best friends.

Fllay changes after this point, she doesn't really know what to think anymore. She realizes she is even more alone than she realized.

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