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Lacus Clyne

When Fllay meets Lacus she is rude and bratty. She wonít even shake her hand! The reason is because Lacus is a coordinator. Fllay tells Lacus that she doesn't want to be friendly with coordinators, and during all this Kira is around and he gets hurt by her words.

I guess Fllay didn't think about that, she always seems to forget about Kira being a coordinator at first and then all of a sudden will remember and say, but not you because you are different.

When a huge fight starts just when Fllay was about to see her father again, she goes to Lacus's room and takes her hostage to the main bridge. Everyone is telling her to stop but she tells them she will kill her if they don't stop firing at her dad's ship. Unfortunatly, this doesn't help anything and her father is killed anyway.Lacus just goes with it but doesn't seem to look to afraid, in fact it looks more like she is upset at how distraught Fllay is.

Anyway, thatís basically the only interaction they have between each other. I think that sort of taught Lacus some things about what was going on with the other side and being the mature Lacus she doesn't hate, cry, or even get mad at the way Fllay treated her.

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