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The relationship between Kira Yamato and Fllay Allster is the biggest relationship Fllay has in the series. This is probably the most complex relationship too. At first she didn't have any opinion about him and she had no idea that Kira had a secret crush on her. He never would have showed it, because he thought she liked Sai. Anyway, after a big battle, when Fllay loses her dad, she gets angry and puts all the blame on Kira, who happened to tell her, before the fight, that everything would be okay because he would be there.

At first she is ravage and mean to him, calling him a liar and giving him disgusted looks because he was a coordinator and because she believed he didn't really try to save her father. Then she does a complete turn around. At least you think she might have. She apologizes to him and starts to try to get close to him, saying that she will be there to protect him. She even kisses him and gives him her virginity.

After time you learn that her feelings hadn't changed and that she was just seducing him to make him want to fight until he died just to protect her, and that she will never forgive him unless he fights and fights until he dies. But, with time her feelings start to change, even though she doesn't want to admit them. She starts to get attached to Kira and even starts to worry about him. Even Sai yells at her that she does like Kira, because he is a really nice guy and always treated her kindly and warmly.

There is one instant that Fllay blurts out stuff that makes Kira realize that they shouldn't be together anymore. He tells her that they should end it all, that is wasn't right and she gets really angry and storms out crying. After that she starts to think on her true feelings for Kira.

In the end of the series she finally has grown up some and wants to see Kira in person one last time to talk to him properly, because she thought he was dead and having him show up alive made her really happy, but... she never gets the chance. Her life gets cut short. She dies right in front of Kira's eyes and he loses it for a bit because he couldn't protect her in the end. While he is going through the crisis of losing Fllay we see a sort of dream like state where Fllay's spirit is comforting Kira once again, saying sorry and thanks, telling him that this time her true emotions will be their with him to help protect him.

Even though Fllay is already dead for the second series, Gundam Seed Destiny, she is not forgotten about because Kira is always thinking about her in the back of his mind.

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