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Disembark - Leaving the Archangel.

Fllay is back to being quiet and timid, not really showing anything but fear and sadness now. She doesn’t show up much anymore. Just hides on her bed with her pillow over her head when fighting starts up.

When they make it to Josh-a she is transferred to another department. She fights it, not wanting to leave and they tell her she can file about it at headquarters – though they don’t think it will do any good.

She leaves with Natarle, but when things get chaotic she runs away, trying to get back to the archangel.

Captured - Her time with Zaft.

Instead of finding the archangel she actually runs into the worst person possible – Rau Le Creuset. She is confused because he sounds like her father. He knocks her out and takes her back with him to Zaft.

There she is quiet and scared. She tries to hide and even holds a gun out to him but never does anything. She just listens to him and even starts to show some forms of stockhold syndrome.

He tells her she will be safe as long as she is with him and listen to what he has to say. He tells her he has the key to end the war and tells her that she is the one that can help her deliver that key.

She doesn’t really understand but she believes him in being an end to the war.

She acts timid around everyone and starts to cling to Creuset. She doesn’t really have any interaction with anyone else but she does glance at Yzak from time to time.

Rescued - Boarding the Dominion.

In the middle of the last battle Crueset dumps Fllay in a pod with the key, telling her that it needs to get in the hands of the earth forces. She is pressing buttons until everyone can hear her scream for the archangel, but the dominion can hear her too and is intrigued by what she says. She tells them she has a key that can end the war.

“Flay Allster: I-I have something... a key! A key that's supposed to end this war. So help me! Please help me!”

Kira doesn’t make it in time to grab her pod so she gets taken to the dominion.

On the Dominion she is surprised to see Natarle. Azrael quickly confronts her, asking what the key to the end of the war is. She hands him the disc and he runs off to look at it. She goes up to Natarle and as soon as she asks how she is doing she begins to cry in Natarle’s arms.

Realizations - A final understanding.

Seeing the way the war is going and knowing that Kira is actually still alive. Flay wants to – with all her might – get back to the archangel and talk properly with everyone.

She no longer wants to just cover her eyes and ears. She is clear and knows how she feels about everything. She tells Natarle that she has to get back to them.

“Flay Allster: But I... I really have to see him again. Kira is alive. So, I really have to see him and talk to him and the others... properly this time!”

When Natarele tells her she might want to stay off the bridge she admits that she is terrified but can no longer hide. That she needed to see what everyone else saw and understood.

“Flay Allster: I-I'm terrified! But I'm just starting to realize now... everybody else saw it and understood what was happening as it unfolded, but I...”

Flay does not know that her words are having an effect on Natarle as well.

Ending - Her peaceful goodbye.

Natarle orders for everyone to abandon ship and to get to the archangel, sending off Flay as well. Fllay pushes everyone that they need to get to the archangel but they are moving too slow.

She sees Kira one last time and he watches her as well, trying to get to her in time. He blocks Crueset’s weapon and you think she is safe but then they get shot from a different angle and Kira has to watch as Flay is being engulfed in flames.

In Kira’s mind, Flay comes back to him to apologies. To tell him her true feelings, that she will protect him for real this time.

Flay embraces him in his mind as she tells him this.

“Flay Allster: I'll always protect you... my true feelings will protect you...”

This helps Kira to continue fighting, even though the entire time he was trying to save her life and failed in the end. She will not be forgotten by him.

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