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Her Story

Deceive - Apologizing and not meaning it.

After some time, Fllay goes up to Kira and apologizes to him. Kira – of course – acts like it was nothing. Fllay is not smiling with her eyes though. She doesn’t look like she actually means anything she says, not like the first time she apologized.

She seems colder, distant, and no longer the pure and innocent little girl. She starts to act even weirder when she tells a little girl that everything will be okay because Kira will be protecting them. She ends up hurting the little girl with her grip on her hand.

Resolution - Joining the Earth Alliance.

When they finally meet up with the another friendly fleet they plan to let all the civilians including Kira and his friends disembark.

Flay is with everyone when they get their papers to be able to leave and raises her hand making everyone wonder what she plans. They tell her she didn’t need a paper because she wasn’t a part of the fighting. She tells them that she doesn’t want to leave and she actually wants to join the Earth Alliance. She gives a speech that surprises everyone.

This speech gives all her other friends the incentive to not leave, including Kira.

Seduction - Using her body for revenge.

When Fllay thinks Kira is leaving she starts to think about piloting the Strike in his place, though if she is really thinking that is up to speculation. It might have just been a part of her plan. When Kira comes in to get changed and finds her there he tells her to not think such things and that he will do it.

She tells him he won’t have to be alone, because she will protect him. Then she kisses him.

When Kira comes back in tears later she decides to be the shoulder for him to lean on, but it is so she can use him. Thinking that if she shows that she cares about him that he will never stop wanting to fight to protect her and kill other coordinators.

She uses kissing and sex on him and in her mind she is telling herself that he has to fight until he dies, that is the only way she could ever forgive him.

“Flay Allster: Kira, you are going to fight, and fight, and fight... until you die. It's the only way I will ever forgive you.”

At times she comes on to strong for Kira and he starts to push her away. He even pushes her off of him at one point which leaves her with mixed feelings. It seems that Fllay is starting to get attached to him in more than just manipulation, but she has yet to recognize those feelings.

She tries to take all of Kira’s attention and time which makes him frustrated. She wants him to baby her and not pay attention to any other girls. When they are on the sea she gets sea sick and acts like a spoiled princess again by having Kira stay by her side to take care of her.

Rifts - Her feelings of being pitied.

When they arrive in Orb for the first time, everyone is going to meet their family members for a short period of time. Of course all of Fllay’s family is dead so she is just roaming around the archangel in a daze.

She finds Kira and wonders why he isn’t going to see his family. She starts to get mad and yells at him about how he just isn’t going because he feels sorry for her. How he shouldn’t feel sorry for her but only for himself.

“Flay Allster: So how... how can you feel sympathy for someone like me?”

He tells her that them getting together was probably not a good idea, trying to sever ties with Fllay and break up with her. This just makes her even angrier and she runs of after yelling at him on what that is supposed to mean.

Before Kira goes into battle one more time, Fllay wants to talk to him – most likely to apologize or to figure out her feelings but Kira brushes her off and tells her not now, but later.

Loneliness - After Kira is gone.

After one of their worst battles and Kira is labeled MIA, Fllay starts to change again. She wonders where Kira could be and just walks around the archangel, with no real purpose. She tries to speak to Sai again but he tells her off, saying he doesn’t really have the time or the strength to try and comfort her because he in pain too.

She tries to tell him that she still has feelings for him, that she always had feelings for him. Kira was not the one she truly cared for. Sai gets angry and yells at Flay to stop and that she is lying. That it may have started out that way for her but because Kira is so kind she ended up caring for him more and more.

This shocks Flay but she couldn’t say anything to it.

Rage - Showing hatred for Coordinators.

All the mixed emotions Fllay is feeling from losing so much and not having anyone there for her sets her off. She hears Miriallia get in a fight with a prisoner – another coordinator. In fear and rage she picks up a gun and yells that all coordinators deserve to die and shoots it but Miriallia gets in the way and the gun shots into the ceiling, hitting no one.

“Flay Allster: All you Coordinators deserve to be killed!”

Fllay asks her why she stopped her, that she was the same and Miriallia tells her she is not the same as her and Fllay is shocked.

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