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Her Story

A once happy, young, girl turned for the worst. Her life is thrown into turmoil when the war breaks into her life and in the short amount of time she goes through all sorts of fazes. This is her story in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

In this I will not go into detail about her relationships except with Kira because that is the biggest part of her role – influencing Kira. If you want to know more about her relationships, please visit that section of the site.

Beginning - Before the war got to her.

Not much is known about Fllay before the war got to her because the series itself pretty much starts with the war invading her life in episode one. However, you can tell she is a very carefree and most likely spoiled young girl. You see her laughing amongst her friends about typical girl things such as boys and shopping. She seems kind, friendly, and outgoing.

She holds the attention of Kira Yamato from the beginning. When Kira’s friends tease him after hearing she is being introduced to Sai Argyle – mutual father’s interest in setting them up.

Fllay has no idea – of course – that Kira has been crushing on her and goes about her day.

Boarding - After entering the Archangel.

Everything is changing around Fllay. She lost sight of the friends she was out shopping with and ends up all alone and running off to a life pod by herself. The life pod she ends up on is defective and Kira see’s it floating in space so he picks it up and carries it back to the Archangel.

Fllay comes out confused and spots Kira right away. She rushes over to him and grabs him in an embrace. She is just so happy to see someone she can recognize.

Confusion - No understanding of the situation.

Not too long after she meets up with everyone does she realize she is now on a ship that is currently in battle. She freaks out a bit and thinks it may have been better to stay on the floating pod until Sai tells her otherwise.

She stays frightened through most of this time. She doesn’t really understand the situation everyone is in and tries to act tough but she is becoming less kind and more stressed as the days go on. She tends to take out a lot of her problems on Kira – who she knows is a coordinator. She will say things that are pretty insensitive and not really realize it or just not care.

Kira doesn’t take offence though and she uses his kindness to her advantage. When everyone else joins in to help man the Archangel she stays in her room and hides. It leaves her out of everything and makes her even more stressed.

When they are on Artimis she blabs that Kira is a coordinator and that puts him in a bit of a bind. She doesn’t say it to be mean; she just doesn’t understand that telling random people like that puts his life in danger. Sai and her friends tell her to apologize but she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t understand what she did wrong. However she does so and Kira tells her not to worry about it and she instantly perks up.

When Lacus comes onboard she starts to show even more hatred towards coordinators that she almost seems like a blue cosmos member – an anti-coordinator group. Each time she says something mean about coordinators she ends up telling Kira he is different.

Still, she doesn’t even want to have anything to do with Lacus and this makes Kira a bit sad.

“Flay Allster: I don't want any of you Coordinators acting friendly with me!”

Breaking - When her father is killed.

Right before they go into another huge battle Fllay see’s a little sliver of hope in getting out of the danger. They are going to meet up with another fleet that has her Father on board. She is excited and even does silly things to try and prepare with her meeting with her dad, such as grooming herself as best as she can.

However, a fleet from Zaft shows up to fight them and puts everyone in danger. She is worried for her Dad’s safety. Kira tells her it will be alright because he will be there. She calms down some but then sneaks onto the bridge of the archangel and sees just how horrible it is out there when one of the ships blows up.

She runs back to where Lacus is and grabs her. Taking her to the archangel bridge again and telling everyone that if they don’t stop firing on her Dad’s ship she will kill Lacus.

“Flay Allster: I promise I will kill this girl. If they keep firing at my father's ship, I swear I'll kill this girl. Tell them that! GO AHEAD!!”

It’s too late, they do not get that message out until Fllay see’s her Dad’s ship explode. She is devastated and Sai has to take her back to her room to try and get her to calm down.

Once the fight has calmed down Kira goes to see how Flay is. She takes her anger out on him, telling him he is a liar that he didn’t protect her dad’s ship and that he didn’t make any serious attempts because he is a coordinator too. Fllay is spiraling out of control now and pure fear and rage are starting to overcome her.

“Flay Allster: You didn't make any serious effort to fight them, did you? It's because you're a Coordinator too, isn't it?!”

Part 2

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