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These are some of my favorite Fllay fanfics along with ones I wrote and ones that people submitted. All of them are linked to another site and will not be hosted here.

1. Enemy Across the Line by Ongaku Neko
One cold, rainy, night changes the lives of many people, especially for a young red head and two coordinators. Kira/Fllay/Yzak
Fiction Rated: M - Drama/Angst - Published: 9-27-10

2. REDEMPTION: To Be Family by Kkornelia
PostGSD CE 75. Silver hair and bright blue eyes have always been a Joule family trait. Imagine Yzak's shock when he runs into someone else with the same qualities. A little girl. Not on PLANTs but on Earth!
Fiction Rated: T - General/Romance - Published: 7-25-05

3. Everything About You by Shinigami29
[Songfic]She shut her eyes as she thought about him, a warm, tingling feeling washing over her it left her toes feeling numb and her mind buzzing with happiness… But when she opened her eyes, alls she could see was Yzak.
Fiction Rated: T - General/Romance - Published: 7-25-08

4. Once, Sometimes, and Maybe by Yakin-Duel
YzakFrey, onesided FreyKira. a look at what might have been.
Fiction Rated: M - Angst/Romance - Published: 8-02-05

5. Puppeteer by Chiqui
Fllay Allster's thoughts on her revenge on Kira. One-shot, Fllay POV.
Fiction Rated: T - Angst - Published: 1-8-05

6. You Don't Know What You Hav Unless You Lose It by Storm Wolf77415
Songfic, An alternate take on Phase-30. Mu finds Kira after the battle between the Strike and Aegis, and Flay realizes just how lucky she is to have him.
Fiction Rated: T - Angst - Published: 4-21-06

7. So Sorry by Kayeff
After the death of Rau Le Creuset and the destruction of G.E.N.E.S.I.S., Kira recovers Fllay from the wreck of the Dominion escape shuttle and nurses her back to health on the Archangel. After her recovery, the two are romantically reunited.
Fiction Rated: K+ - Angst - Published: 4-23-07

8. Second Chance by Enchanter468
Alternate take on Phase 50 and part of 49. After the Second Battle of Jachin Due, Fllay is recovered and revived, and Kira and she may just have their happy ending after all.
Fiction Rated: T - Romance/Adventure - Published: 9-27-07

9. Worth The Risk by Fox of Anubis
Kira wonders one night about Fllay...
Fiction Rated: T - Romance - Published: 10-15-06

10. Sorry by Fox of Anubis
Even in death, Fllay could not let go of her feelings.
Fiction Rated: K+ - Poetry/Hurt/Comfort - Published: 2-03-08

On there are these things called C2 lists. I found a good one for Flay lovers. So if you make a C2 list for Flay, let me know and I wil place the link here as well. ^^

Understanding Fllay Allster

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