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Blood type

In Japan Blood Types tend to be something they use to help pick out a person personality, temperament, and compatibility with others. I'm going to do my best with describing Fllay's.

Fllay Allster - Type A
Best Traits: Gentle, Creative, Sensitive
Worst Traits: Fastidious, Stressed, Shy

Type A's tend to look calm on the outside by inside they are very stressed because they have very high standards. Fllay's personality throughout Gundam Seed shows this to be very true. At the beggining she seems to be shy, sweet, and without a care in the world, but throughout the show you learn that she has many worries over things that don't even need worrying that she bottles up and gets over stressed on.

One of those worries is when she is suppose to be meet her dad again after being on the archangle for awhile. She is getting a shower and doing all sorts of beautifying things to herself to make her look good in front of her dad because he is a leader and she doesn't want to ruin his or hers reputation. There is also a time when they aren't allowed to take showers everyday so she feels that she smells and doesn't want to be around anyone.

Fllay also shows that she is actually very shy because she seems to only cling to one person at a time. She never seems to be talkative or open with people and she pretty much keeps to herself with anything including her fears and worries. That in turn backfires with her and she ends up feeling all alone and that people just have pity for her.

Fllay's sensitive side shows in the way she cares and worries about the people around her, even if it isn't open all the time. For instance, when Kira first breaks down in front of her, even though she had a set goal to seduce him in the end, she was still able to calm him down and know what to say. She also got really sad and cried after a break down Sai showed because of her and Kira. She doesn't ever just brush off people's feelings completely even if she doesn't do anything about them. It ends up eating her up inside which gives her more stress and worries.

In the end you realize that Fllay truely cared about everyone on the Archangel and she actually wants to talk to them and tell them about her feelings. She doesn't want to be alone anymore and she wants to be someone trustworhty as she feels about them.

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