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Welcome to Emotional

Emotional is a shrine dedicated to Fllay Allster, the seductive and emotionally constipated soldier of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. This poor character is neglected and hated by many, so here I am, hoping to provide you with detailed information about this character to help you to understand her more, as well as bring you some goodies in the media. This shrine is full of unmarked spoilers, so watch your step if you haven't seen the whole series yet.

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Updates and News

OMG it is an update from me on this site!!!! I think even I'm dieing a little bit inside from shock. Bet you never thought there would be a new look or even... drum roll please... ALL NEW CONTENT!!!! That is correct! I have finally finished the HER STORY page and it is three pages long! I was bored one day (and currently re-watching Gundam Seed) and figured it was time I finally wrote it. I hope to add pictures to it soon - as well as to the other pages but that task is a little more daunting since I don't really get much time at the computer at home. Hope you like the new look - not much has change - just the color and images but I thought it was time to get rid of that black background.

Ongaku - February 3, 2014

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